Jim Sanders, MBA

Mr. Sanders’ Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Sanders, a certified general appraiser in Arizona since 1991, owns Real Estate Appraisal Litigation, LLC, specializing in litigation cases involving commercial properties. He has extensive litigation experience and has appeared as an expert witness in the Arizona Superior Courts of Pima, Maricopa, Yuma, Cochise, Pinal and Graham counties. Additionally, he has testified as an expert witness in the United States Federal Court, Arizona Jurisdiction, along with federal bankruptcy courts in Pima County. As a reviewer for The Appraisal Journal of the Appraisal Institute, he specialized in articles with statistical analyses, served on the editorial board ten years, and was instrumental in forming the “Statistics Review Committee” for The Appraisal Journal to increase quality of articles.

Mr. Sanders has a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Arizona and in 1995 earned an MBA from the University of Arizona with a specialization in Decision Science, where he took 15 units of graduate level statistics. Mr. Sanders uses many statistical techniques like regression analysis, General Linear Modeling, ANOVA, cluster analysis, principal component analysis and Bayesian analysis in his practice to help understand various markets and to assist in forming opinions of value.

Barbara Banis-Zimberoff

Ms. Banis-Zimberoff has been in the appraising industry since 2006 and a national review appraiser since 2009. A board member of the Real Estate Appraisers of Southern Arizona (REASA) from 2007 through 2010, she now specializes in residential litigation cases involving divorce, estates and eminent domain takings involving electric lines and increased traffic at Real Estate Appraisal Litigation, LLC.

Ms. Banis-Zimberoff has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from California Polytechnic at Pomona in Operations Management. This is a statistics-based degree focusing on regression analysis; however, Ms. Banis-Zimberoff also uses statistical techniques like general linear modeling to compare properties across different categorical variables. Ms. Banis-Zimberoff’s expertise lies in refining residential and commercial models to better analyze impacts of increased traffic, power lines, reduced parking for commercial properties, etc. on value.

Santi Hindes

Santi HindesMs. Hindes has completed several Real Estate appraising courses through the Appraisal Institute and is currently seeking to complete her Commercial Appraisal License. Before joining Real Estate Appraisal Litigation, LLC in September, 2008 as a Research Analyst, she was employed by Integra Realty Resources for over 5 years as the Office Manager / Research Analyst.

Ms. Hindes’ duties include downloading and editing real estate data, internet research, editing narrative appraisal reports and general research. Santi Hindes graduated with Honors from New Mexico State University in 2001 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.