Consulting Service

REAL offers attorneys our valuation consulting services for any type of litigation including appraisals, rebuttal, potential deposition questions, court testimony, etc. We have twenty years experience in this area and litigation is the focus of our practice. We have testified in all levels of courts from bankruptcy to the United States Federal Court, Arizona jurisdiction,

Estate Valuations

If your estate involves real property and taxes on the estate are required, you must provide professional real estate appraisal. The valuation is as of the “date of death.” If you intend to sell the estate, we can provide current valuation and recommendations for listing price.

Divorce Appraisals

Divorce appraisals are often highly contentious. We provide fair appraisals so attorneys for both sides often agree to rely upon our opinions of value. Whether working for both sides or not, we are very cognizant of the emotion involved and complete our work as professional as possible to avoid disputes.

Commercial Appraisals

REAL offers highly credentialed commercial appraisers with more than 30 years experience appraising commercial, industrial and residential lots and acreage; multi-family residential buildings, warehouse and other industrial buildings, and all other types commercial properties.

Residential Appraisals

REAL offers comprehensive appraisal services with either form reports or narrative reports, field reviews, desk reviews and additional products designed to meet your specific needs.

Partial Interest Appraisals

The percentage of ownership in a real property rarely predicts the value if a partner chooses to sell their partial interest even if the total value of the property is known. REAL has experience in partial interest valuations for commercial properties, farms and residential properties.

Deficiency Claims

Deficiency claims by lenders against a former property owner must be based upon market value as of the date the lender took possession of the property. Often lenders rely on appraisal estimates that use distressed sales as the only basis of comparison. We have successful courtroom experience testifying about a property’s market value and not its distressed or “lender owned” value.

Impact Analyses

It is often very difficult to measure damages from an impact. Appraisers often rely upon a technique known as “paired sales” or “matched pairs” analysis.  This technique has known mathematical problems and is not reliable unless one has many true pairs or sales to examine. This is rarely the case. Therefore, we rely upon statistical analyses to estimate damages from an impact when numerous paired sales are not available.

We have published articles in our files and Federal Court of Appeals rulings that support our belief that paired sale analysis cannot be relied upon. These are available to clients upon request.